Swiss Manager

Used in much of the world for top events.  This has the advantage that results are displayed on its own website.  It has the disadvantage that it is difficult to manually alter pairings.

It famously got the European Championship round 2 draw wrong a few years ago.

The licence can be bought by an organisation for all its events. (AMcF)

Swiss Master

Used in many events in Britain - Tends to give the best pairings (FIDE). LIcences bought by individuals. Pairs by pin number rather than grade/rating. It does not display clubs easily. (AMcF)

Swiss Perfect

This program is no longer supported by its developer so is out of date for pairing.. It is sometimes called "Swiss Imperfect" because of the pairings produced. (AMcF)

Tournament Director

Attempts to do pairings using the old ECF system but is suspect at colour changes when byes have been given.  Big plus is that it dovetails with the ECF grading system.


This program is free.  It is easy to say that you get what you pay for.  Some of its pairings are suspect and you must examine the settings carefully. It has been known to give the bye to the leading player because it was set for random bye.

Probably OK for club and junior events but I wouldn't recommend it for a 'proper' tournament. (AMcF)

Since that review was written Sevilla may have been improved and is looking for FIDE acceptance. (AMcF)


Click here for a full report by Gerry Jepps